BoardGameGeek | The Essen 2021 2nd hand hunting list | Full list, original order.
This is only a reformatting of the original BGG list, the differences being:
  • the whole list is on a single page - this page
  • yes, as a result it might take a while to load when the list grows very large
  • but once loaded, searching for anything WILL let you find all occurrences quickly
  • the comments below each item are not provided, to save space
  • the NUMBER of comments is provided however, to hint at the action on the item (thanks to Tobl for helping with this)
  • clicking on an item NUMBER will take you to its original page with comments - THERE YOU CAN COMMENT or subscribe !
  • all hyperlinks open in a new page, so you don't lose this (possibly slow to load) page
  • you can toggle Full View or Titles Only for ALL items using the first large button below (again hints from Tobl)
  • Full View is useful to search on anything
  • you can also toggle this for a SINGLE item using the small button in the item title
  • to track items of interest, you can also tag them using the tag button in the item title, these items will remain tagged between sessions (until you untag them)
  • NB: tags are persistent only if you use the same browser, on the same device, every session
  • you can toggle Tags Only or All Items using the second large button below
  • if items have been found (or the hunt was cancelled) they are shown with strike-through titles (please note this is not 100% reliable)
  • expansions (all, not just promos unfortunately...) are shown with slightly darker titles, prefixed with 'Expansion:'
  • if items are deleted (not authorized, but may happen) they are tracked and shown with grey background and strike-through titles
  • statistics for all categories (board games, expansions, ended, deleted) are shown in labels below (next to the buttons)
  • you can show/hide items for each category by clicking on its statistics label
  • you can scroll to the bottom/top of the page using the arrow button on the right ( ⇓ / ⇑ )
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